crazy handmade signs on reclaimed wood by wheeler antabanez
montclair, nj ยท sign-asylum.com


the yellow sign, freak show, passaic river, gates of hell clifton nj, area 5, asylum, brick city newark nj, check firearms here, coffin rock, death row, doc property, drunk tank, dundee dam, erbs magick supplies, evidence room, execution chamber, feral cat crossing, fight club, urban legend, gang unit, tattoo shop, great piece meadows, great swamp, hangar 18, hearse parking only, inmate barracks, k-9 unit, kill van kull, know trespassing, mica unit, morgue, morris canal, no talking on the chow line, no warning shots in yard, occult task force, open sewer, warning vampire bats, payne hollow, prison library, quiet! psych ward, sharkey's dump, shooters island newark bay, sign asylum, silk city paterson nj, turn back now, toney's brook, SIGN

tags: homemade sign, spray paint, aerosol art, reclaimed wood, weird sign, crazy sign, wheeler antabanez, nightshade on the passaic, sign-asylum.com, chicken, spaghetti